The company, Bare Nature Raw Treats, was born as a result of my personal journey as a professional triathlete to discover a natural and wholesome eating plan that would nourish my body for maximum performance in an extreme sport.  I discovered that what I ate determined the quality of my sporting performance.

Initially, eating natural and healthy foods was not an easy task as there were not many products on the market that supported the nutritional content and convenience that an athlete on the go requires.  In particular, healthy workout snacks or meal replacements that were wholesome, convenient and palatable for the sweet tooth did not exist.

Intense research and the consultancy with dieticians and nutritionists as well as much experimentation with raw food types, resulted in the innovative discovery of delicious snack –type and meal replacement recipes.

The Bare Nature raw products company started to supply a range of these products to various health shops in Gauteng.

I then started looking into protein/energy bars in the shops, and noticed there were so any “fillers” in them or ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. Other people I spoke to complained about the flavours of them, certain allergies (nuts or gluten) or the need to follow eating plans (like the paleo diet) and nothing on the shelves met their requirements. I invented the Bare Nature Nutrition Bar as a unique food product that was a “raw”, tasty, nutritious, and convenient snack or meal replacement.

Latest studies have shown that when foods are heated above 47 degrees most of the nutrients are denatured, leaving us to eat empty calories. All the Bare Nature Nutrition products are dehydrated below 46 degrees, therefore they are still considered raw, and all the nutrients are kept whole. Because all the ingredients are natural and raw our bodies recognise them, allowing them to be used in their entirety which gives us that fuller feeling for longer.